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Focus on your creativity while we handle the production and fulfillment process for your merchandise.

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Modify your shop start page to match your brand. Customization settings are quick and easy, so you can stay focused on selling.

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Select the products you want to sell from our templates. Upload your own custom desing on them.

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Publish products to your store. Promote your merch to your fanbase and start selling instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To sell your merchandise on our website, you can sign up as a creator and create an account. Once registered, you will have access to a dashboard where you can upload your merchandise designs, set pricing, and manage your inventory. Customers will be able to purchase your products directly from your creator page.

Our website supports T-shirts for now. You can showcase and sell products that align with your brand and creative style.

When customers purchase your merchandise, the payment will be processed through our website's payment gateway. You can set up your preferred payment method (such as telebirr or bank transfer etc)in your account settings, and the commission from your sales will be transferred to you based on your chosen payment schedule.

we offer shipping services for all merchandise orders placed on our website. When customers make a purchase, we take care of packaging and delivering the products to their specified shipping address.

We haven't started international shipping yet. Though we have the plan to scale up for international orders based on the demand

Our platform provides you with a dashboard where you can track your sales and earnings in real-time. You will have access to reports that detail the number of items sold, revenue generated, and other key metrics to help you monitor the performance of your merchandise.


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